The Kendra Story
Mahatma Gandhi once described the picturesque valley of Sandur as an oasis. This former princely state is renowned for its sylvan beauty and abundant resources of manganese ore.

The Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Limited (SMIORE)
was set up by the former ruler of Sandur to scientifically develop the mines. Over the years, SMIORE has grown to become a well-diversified, multi-product company.

SMIORE has been actively engaged in the development of the local community. It has played a very significant role in the development and promotion of handicrafts to benefit the talented lambani craftswomen of Sandur and neighbouring areas.

Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra (SKKK) was set up by SMIORE in 1984 to revive the traditional crafts of the area and improve the quality of life of craftswomen by encouraging and developing their skills and marketing the products thus ensuring regular income to its artisans.

SKKK was given an independent status in 1988 when it was registered as a Society under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960.
Craftsperson... Rather than Craft
It is the craftsperson, rather than the craft, that is the focal point of the Kendra.

It believes that the renaissance of Arts and Crafts can be brought about only by encouraging, training, and compensating the craftspeople fairly.

The scope of SKKK also includes Khadi activities to assist the economically weaker sections of the society in the region.
In 1991, SKKK approached DASTKAR for assistance in areas of design and product development, marketing and skill training. Since then, Dastkar and other craft organizations have been associated with the Kendra and have contributed to its growth and success.

SKKK has evolved over the years and gained recognition for the lambani craft, both nationally and internationally. It has received the prestigious UNESCO Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts in South Asia in 2004 as recognition of excellence in contemporary crafts.

The Kendra is actively involved in the process of production, marketing, and other activities related to the development of the artisans concerned.

Today, there are 300 craftswomen benefiting from it with an additional 100 under training. The artisans are paid regular wages as well as receive various other benefits such as subsidized ration, bonus, and provident fund.

Chief Patron

Shri.M.Y. Ghorpade
the former Minister Govt. of Karnataka firmly believes that an industry owes a social and moral responsibility for the over all development of the area where it is situated and accordingly took personal interest in launching various socio-economic development schemes including education, health, housing and employment etc. for the benefit of the local people.

His immense urge to preserve arts and crafts of the region and save it from the verge of extinction lead to the establishment of Sandur Kushala Kala kendra.

Team Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra pays tribute to their Visionary Leader Shri. M.Y.Ghorpade for his contribution to the Kendra. We will be forever indebted for his true inspiration, encouragement and love towards us.

Sl No. Name Residential Address Position
1 S.Y. Ghorpade Nehru Colony, Hospet President
2 Venkatrao Ghorpade Krishnanagar, Sandur Member
3 Nazim Sheikh Shraddha, Palace Road, Sandur Member
4 S.H. Mohan Technical Director, Smiore, Bangalore Member
5 S.R. Sridhar Director Smiore, Deogiri Member
6 Smt. Yashodhara S Ghorpade Gandhi Colony, Hospet Member
7 Neelamma Weaver, W/o K Channabasappa, Sandur Member
8 Parvathamma Spinner, W/o Lt. Suresh Kulkarni, Sandur Member
9 Kumaraswamy Bamboo Artisan, Medar Oni, Sandur Member
10 Shanti Bai Lambani Artisan, Sandur Tq Member
11 Parvathi Bai Lambani Artisan, Hospet Tq. Member
12 A.Veeranna Yeshwanthnagar 583 124, Sandur Taluk Secretary
Governing Body Members of the Institution
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