Sl No. Name Residential Address Position
1 Susheelanagar Sandur Taluk, Bellary District 76
2 Mariyamanahalli Hospet Taluk, Bellary District 60
3 Dungavathi & Beethayan Thanda Huvina Hadagali Taluk, Bellary Dist 56
4 Kaddirampura Hospet Taluk, Bellary District 28
5 Kogali Hagaribommanahalli Taluk, Bellary District 30
6 Anekal Hagaribommanahalli Taluk, Bellary District 20
7 Gunda Hospet Taluk, Bellary District 10
8 Bandebasapur Kudligi Taluk, Bellary District 20
  Total 8 Thandas 300
The Kendra and its Eight Lamdani Villages
The Artisans of Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra are Lambanis, belonging to a nomadic tribe more commonly called banjara. The word 'banjara' is said to be derived from a Sanskrit word 'Vanaj' or 'Banaj' meaning a trader.

The word 'Banjara' comprises of two words: "Ban" which translates as jungle and "Jara" as wanderer or mover i.e., one who moves or wanders in the jungle. The Banjaras or Vanajaras were ancient carriers of foodgrains on the backs of animals. Living in communion with nature, they have retained their own characteristic culture and heritage.

The wanderlust of all nomadic tribes gave them a certain gaiety, which is reflected in their song, dance and attire. Having no permanent homes their aesthetic sense was apparent in their clothes, mode of transport, and few personal belongings. Universally, the use of needle and thread is to primarily embellish clothing and other articles of everyday use.

The embroidered objects are also closely linked with the rituals associated with the rites of passage. The Banjara community is one of the traditional Indian communities known for their colourful and heavily embellished garbs and ornaments.

The lambanis settled in Sandur several years ago and are now a dominant community in and around the taluk of Sandur. They still live in separate tandas or groups away from the city. Their social status has improved considerably over the years. Most of the lambani families now own agricultural lands.

There are many lambanis today who apart from the needle job are engaged in activities like mining and tailoring.

Today our lambanis have travelled worldwide for design workshops in Delhi, Bombay, Sydney, London, and Spain. They have also participated with SKKK in retail exhibitions all over India and Santa Fe in America. SKKK is very fortunate to work with some of the best artisans who contribute immensely to its success.
A Lambani Artisan
A Group Of Lambani Artisans
A Lambani Artisan
Traditional Lambani Choli
Traditional Lambani Skirt
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